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Assessment of Student Learning

Graduate Assessment Reporting

Graduate programs complete a Mid-Cycle Review or Full Review every four years on a staggered basis. Since graduate programs at K-State are on a formal 8-year cycle of program review with the Kansas Board of Regents, the Provost’s Office initiated an internal “Mid-Cycle” review in 2007 that would include the assessment of student learning. During the Mid-Cycle Review, graduate programs prepare and receive feedback on assessment reports the same as they would for a Full KBOR review. 

 Dates Activity

Jun. 1 - Oct. 1

Assessment of Student Learning (ASL) reports must be submitted in the mid-cycle & full Board of Regents review years.

Oct. 1 - Dec. 1

ASL Reports will be reviewed by the Office of Assessment and/or any reviewers assigned by the Graduate School.  

Dec. 1 - Mar. 1  

Programs can view and respond to feedback on their ASL Reports.  

Program Instructions

To submit your report, email it as an attachment to assessment@ksu.edu


Submit Your Report

Graduate Reporting Process

ASL Template and Example

Use these documents to guide the creation of a report that works for your program's needs. {You may submit in your accreditation format}

Assessment Tools