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Assessment of Student Learning

University Assessment Facilitators (UAF) Committee 

Charge to the Committee

The University Assessment Facilitators (UAF) Committee is convened by the Office of Assessment and reports to the Provost. It is the coordinating resource for assessment-related efforts on campus. The UAF is composed of appointed faculty and staff from schools and colleges and from administrative and functional units that support assessment practices. The mission of the UAF is to build the university's capacity to effectively assess student learning within a culture of continuous educational improvement.

Members will:

  • Connect people who are actively involved in assessment in academic and student life units with resources that are available for assessment and to help units maximize their use of shared tools and resources;
  • Gain a university-wide perspective on the Assessment of Student Learning picture within which to view the work in their own academic colleges, student affairs units, and institutional divisions:
    • Review and comment on results from university-wide assessments;
    • Serve as a cross-campus forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and advice on methods and practices of assessment;
    • Work with those who engage in assessment activities to help them understand (or enhance) their activities;
    • Keep the university community apprised of expectations for student learning assessment;
    • Advise the provost on matters related to assessment and evaluation;
    • Assure the implementation of the University's assessment plan and to periodically evaluate and revise the University assessment plan.
  • Function as a conduit between the Office of Assessment and the programs to share information on Assessment of Student Learning at K-State, and issues associated with Board of Regents (KBOR) program review and Higher Learning Commission (HLC) expectations.
    • Communicate expectations, information, etc. to academic colleges, student affairs units, and institutional divisions from the Provost office.
    • Communicate questions, concerns, needs from the academic colleges, student affairs units, and institutional divisions to the Provost office.

Members jointly appointed by the Dean's and Provost, should be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about assessment of student learning (ASL) and be able and willing to facilitate the development of a long-term commitment to it within their colleges and units.

Representatives from the College Assessment Review Committees (or designee made by the dean) from each academic college and other units associated with student learning: Graduate School; College of Agriculture; College of Architecture, Planning and Design; College of Arts & Sciences; College of Business Administration; College of Education; College of Engineering; College of Health and Human Sciences; College of Technology and Aviation; College of Veterinary Medicine; School of Leadership Studies; Division of Continuing Education; Office of Student Life; Office of Diversity; Office of the Provost; K-State Libraries; K-State 8 Faculty Council; Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning; Student Body Vice President; Information Technology Services; Office of Assessment (director and assistant director).

List of Committee Members