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Assessment of Student Learning

Connecting The Whole University

Assessment 100: Introduction to Student Learning

Participants will learn the basics of assessment and how it can be used to improve student learning.  An overview of the student learning assessment process and resources to support assessment will be shared. 


Student Learning Assessment for Courses in Canvas

Participants will learn how the tools in K-State's new learning management system, Canvas, can be used to monitor student progress across learning outcomes and target interventions to improve student learning. 


Student Learning Assessment for Programs in Canvas

Participants will learn how the tools in Canvas can be used to efficiently facilitate program student learning assessment.  Instead of tracking assessment data using spreadsheets, programs can set up Canvas to track and report student achievement data automatically.


The Institute for Student Learning Assessment

The annual Institute for Student Learning Assessment will feature best-practice posters, sessions, and workshops focused on improving student learning using effective assessment.  The 2014 Institute will have sessions on practical classroom assessment techniques, assessment for first-year student retention, online course assessment, and assessment for transfer students.   


For additional Information, contact the Office of Assessment at 785-532-2114 or assessment@ksu.edu


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See the Academy Flyer for Manhattan session information or the Salina Flyer for Salina session information

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