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Kansas Master Farmers and Master Farm Homemakers

Six couples have been honored as the 2017 class of Kansas Master Farmers and Master Farm Homemakers in recognition of their leadership in agriculture, environmental stewardship, and service to their communities. The statewide award program is in its 91st year and is sponsored by K-State Research and Extension and Kansas Farmer magazine.

Robert and Charlotte (B.S. ’88 human ecology) Anderson, Cloud County

Mark (B.S. ’84 animal sciences and industry) and Evelyn (B.S. ’88 medical technology) Diederich, Washington County

Clifton (B.S. ’80 agricultural technology management) and Kathy (B.S. ’83 home economics education) Heiniger, Brown County

Douglas and Jean Higbie, Franklin County

Kendall (B.S. ’78 agronomy) and Melinda Hodgson, Rice County

Willard and Phyllis McClure*, Stafford County
*recently deceased

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