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K-State Investors Recognized

The Office of the Vice President for Research and the Kansas State University Research Foundation honored K-State inventors and breeders who were issued patents or plant variety protection certificates in 2016. Honorees received patent plaques, and first-time inventors received certificates and pins from the National Academy of Inventors.

Inventors from the College of Agriculture and K-State Research and Extension are

  • Harold Trick and Timothy Todd: Composition and methods for controlling parasitic nematodes
  • Xiuzhi Susan Sun and Donghai Wang: Pressure sensitive adhesives, coatings, and films from plant oils
  • Yong-Cheng Shi: Starch esters and method of preparation
  • Harold Trick: Transgene construct to improve Fusarium head blight resistance in wheat and barley
  • Michael Stamm: ‘DKW45-24’ winter canola
  • Andrew Auld, William Bockus, Erick DeWolf, Allan Fritz, Angela Matthews, Jesse Poland, Rebecca Regan, Kimberly Suther, Shaun Winnie, and Guorong Zhang: ‘KanMark’ wheat variety
  • Jeffrey Ackerman, Allan Fritz, T. Joe Martin, Rebecca Regan, Kenneth Rohleder, Clayton Seaman, Dallas Seifers, Andrew Stegman, and Guorong Zhang: ‘Joe’ wheat variety The variety was named for T. Joe Martin, longtime wheat breeder at the Agricultural Research Center–Hays.

“K-State has a long history of invention, and this year’s group of innovators demonstrates the commitment our faculty, students, and staff make to both basic and applied research that can improve people’s lives in many ways, from fighting disease and improving electronics to perfecting crop varieties to help agricultural producers succeed,” said Peter Dorhout, vice president for research.