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New Ph.D., Secondary Major Prepare Students to Meet Global Leadership Challenges

Beginning in fall 2018, Kansas State University will offer a doctorate in Leadership Communication. Many colleges offer courses in leadership and communications, but K-State will be the first institution to make it a prime destination, rather than a stepping-stone in the path.

This program of study is designed for men and women aspiring to careers in government or public service, as well as nongovernmental organizations, and extension or university faculty.

This advanced degree program will be the first of its kind at K-State, filling a void for agricultural communications, communications studies, and leadership studies.

“This program is innovative through its interdisciplinary approach and the incorporation of community-engaged scholarship,” said Lauri Baker, associate professor in the Department of Communications and Agricultural Education.

“While students can learn about communication and leadership theory in other Ph.D. programs, they cannot get this interdisciplinary approach with applied research designed to work with communities to make progress,” Baker said.

Community-engaged scholarship involves the faculty member and student in a reciprocal partnership with the community and integrates faculty roles of teaching, research, and service.

The Ph.D. program responds to the need for interdisciplinary approaches to solving complex challenges.

“Our expectation is that graduates of this program will use community-engaged research to transform the academic, nonprofit, government, private, and civic sectors in which they live and work,” Baker said.

For more information, contact Lauri Baker at lmbaker@ksu.edu.

K-State also offers a secondary major in Global Food Systems Leadership, which is intended for students who want to study and exercise leadership on the grand challenges of feeding a growing world population through a systems thinking approach.

An interdisciplinary team from Kansas State University created the program with the goal of helping students enhance their preparation for a diverse range of careers that require integrated knowledge of the global food system and the leadership capacity to skillfully intervene to change the system for the common good.

For more information on the secondary major, contact Assistant Dean Shannon Washburn at sgw@ksu.edu.