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Academic Advising

Office of Undergraduate Studies
Kansas State University
215 Fairchild Hall
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If you have questions about admission or orientation and enrollment, please contact:
Office of Admissions


Contact your assigned advisor
If you're not sure who your advisor is, log in to your KSIS Student Center. Go to "Program Advisor" and click "Details" to view their contact information.

For Students: Your Responsibilities

Welcome to college! Your high school counselor may have mapped out what you needed to do in order to get here... but now, you're in charge. You are now responsible for your own success, but help is available! 

Once a semester you're required to meet with your advisor to select classes for the subsequent semester.

  1. Prepare in advance for academic advising meetings. Check out your current DARS report in KSIS to determine what requirements you have not yet fulfilled. Make a list of questions you have for your advisor and bring it to your appointment! Be sure to tell your advisor if you have any special needs or require any learning accommodations. 
  2. Work out a class schedule before your advising appointment. Have a few alternates in mind in case your first choice is not available.
  3. Check out the Undergraduate Catalog to familiarize yourself with requirements for your major.  The Undergraduate Catalog also describes K-State policies, procedures, and regulations.
  4. Get to know your advisor. The better you know your advisor, the more comfortable you'll feel to discuss your goals or any academic or personal issues that can (and will!) arise.
  5. You may also meet with your advisor at other times.  You might find it useful to discuss:
    • Career planning/life after graduation
    • Changing a major
    • Adding a minor/certificate/secondary major
    • Academic difficulties (the sooner the better)
    • Personal challenges
    • Getting involved on campus (research opportunities, clubs and organizations, campus employment, etc.)
    • Study tips and time management
    • Goal setting

Want more tips for SUCCESS? Check out the Advising Road Map

Undergraduate Catalog: Advising Responsibilities

Be kind. Be responsible. Be informed. Philosophy of Student Conduct

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