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Academic Advising

For Advisors: Academic Advising Survey

A system to conduct an annual evaluation of academic advising was initiated in the fall of 2001. Since then, a short evaluation survey has been administered each fall when undergraduates enroll for spring semester classes. The survey is administered by the coordinator of KSU Advising Initiative, Dr. Mike Lynch, Associate Vice President for Student Life.

Dr. Lynch's office prepares a series of annual reports. A department report is shared with each of the sixty-three academic departments or advising units. A college report is shared with each of the college deans and includes the department reports for that college. The university report is shared with the provost and includes the college and department reports. Finally, a brief annual summary is prepared to share with Kansas Board of Regents.

Individual advisors do have access to their own annual advising reports. A request for that information must be submitted by the advisor to Dr. Mike Lynch.