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Paloma Roman

Junior in athletic training (pdf)
Garden City, Kansas

“My favorite spots on campus are Anderson Hall and the beautiful new Welcome Center. Anderson Hall has so much history, and I love that I get to help new students get acclimated to university life.”


Student Governing Association senator, HALO public relations chairperson, Wildcat Warm-up ambassador and Greek life.

Continued involvement

I was really involved in my high school, and I knew I wanted to continue that experience in college. I was specifically looking for leadership and networking roles, and K-State made it easy to find what I wanted from the start.

Summer livin’

I spent a summer at K-State with my older sister while she took a class. It was a great opportunity to talk to the professors and even attend class before I was a student, and I loved it. The professors were so kind, and everyone went out of their way to be welcoming.

Passing the torch

My experience with Wildcat Warm-up set the tone for my K-State experience, and I wanted to pass that along to other students. As a Wildcat Warm-up ambassador, I get to share my love for K-State and help other students feel comfortable here.

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