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Jordan Kiehl

Sophomore in industrial engineering (pdf)
minors in business (pdf) and mass communications (pdf)
Kansas City, Kansas

“Being on campus, you get the sense that all the activity is student driven— the administration takes time to listen. K-State really is for everyone.”


Student Governing Association intern coordinator, College of Engineering senator, Greek life, College of Engineering ambassador and campus tour guide

Family tradition

My parents are both K-State alums, so K-State was on my radar, but I didn't want to go to my "parent's school." I tried to break from the mold, but everything I wanted was here. My first visit, I fell in love. It wasn't just my parent's school; it was my school.

Best of both worlds

I initially loved marketing, but I also knew engineering would be a great fit for me. It's just how my brain works. I talked to an engineering ambassador who helped me find ways to combine my interest in business with my engineering major. There are so many different options; you don't have to pick just one.

The big picture

You can get an education anywhere, but K-State stands out because it's so much more than what goes on in the classroom. It's career preparation, internships, involvement—whatever you want. It's a small-town atmosphere with all the benefits of a big school.

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