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Student stories

Bailey Porter

Junior in biochemistry (pdf)
minors in anthropology (pdf) and leadership studies (pdf)
Overland Park, Kansas

“Being on campus, you get the sense that all the activity is student driven— the administration takes time to listen. K-State really is for everyone.”

Jumping right in

Getting involved in research early on was important to me. One of my biochemistry professors needed a new undergraduate assistant, and I was excited to take the job. Now, we’re researching a yeast genome and ancestral gene reconstruction. It’s a great blend of my interests in biochemistry and anthropology.

The tools for the job

After K-State, I want to go to medical school and become a pediatrician. K-State offers a large university atmosphere with the programs I need to make that happen, without sacrificing a close, community atmosphere. My professors and advisors have devoted so much time to me.

Sage advice

K-State is the perfect place to explore your interests and maximize your opportunities. Don’t be afraid to leverage your resources, and be open to pursuing experiences that may seem out of your comfort zone at first. You won’t regret it!

Passing the torch

My experience with Wildcat Warm-up set the tone for my K-State experience, and I wanted to pass that along to other students. As a Wildcat Warm-up ambassador, I get to share my love for K-State and help other students feel comfortable here.

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