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Student stories

Abby Baker

Junior in interior architecture (pdf)
St. Louis, Missouri

“For me, choosing K-State was like choosing a wedding dress—I tried it on for the first time and I just knew it was the one. It felt right.”


Greek life and interior design peer educator

First impression

On my visit, my mom and I got turned around by Hale Library, and someone came up to us and helped us find our way. That’s when I knew this was the best place for me to be. Plus, the campus is beautiful in the spring.

Learning from experience

As a peer educator, I work with interior design freshmen in their studio, giving advice on projects and just helping them feel comfortable with this new undertaking. When I was a freshman, my peer educators were an amazing source of guidance, and I definitely wanted to do the same.

Solid choice

Our department is really close knit, and I have a great relationship with my studio professor, who is always there to give advice. Even beyond the interior design program, K-State as a whole is incredibly supportive. Choosing K-State is the best decision I could have made.

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