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Living options

Scholarship and cooperative housing

If you're passionate about academics and dedicated to cooperative living, K-State has options tailor-made for you. Scholarship houses offer special academic and leadership programs for a close-knit group of students. In cooperative houses you'll spend a few hours per week on upkeep in exchange for low-cost room and board.

On-campus house options

  • The Smurthwaite Leadership House/Scholarship Program provides an opportunity for women to develop leadership skills in a small community. Smurthwaite residents enjoy reduced room-and-board costs and are expected to participate in the Women's Leadership Program, house chores and telephone duty.
  • The Honors House is a coeducational residence hall that provides a focused living environment with an emphasis on community development and academic success. Residents must be part of the University Honors Program. 

Off-campus house options

There are two off-campus scholarship/cooperative house options also available in the Manhattan community.