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Going GreekGoing Greek

Fraternities and Sororities

Connection-based community

Sororities and fraternities offer lifelong friendship, service opportunities and connections for your future. These groups are independent student organizations focused on academic achievement and leadership, as well as inspiring you to actively engage in K-State campus life.

Being involved in a fraternity or sorority, you'll find:

  • High-level academics: Your chapter will encourage you to make the grade through academic incentives, study sessions, peer mentors and technology resources.
  • Leadership: Running a chapter is like a running a small business. It's a self-governing, all-hands-on-deck operation that develops your skills in communications, event planning, finance and more.
  • Friendship: Your brothers and sisters will play a huge role in shaping your K-State experience. They'll encourage your passions, support your goals and share some of your favorite college memories.
  • Philanthropy: Fraternity and sorority members are active volunteers, both locally and internationally. Give back in amazing ways by hosting awareness events and fundraisers for important causes.
  • Inclusive atmosphere: Several multicultural fraternities and sororities maintain local chapters, opening the door to exploring your culture or discovering a new perspective.

You can learn more about fraternity and sorority life through the Center for Student Involvement on campus. Many chapters also offer off-campus housing options you can explore as well.