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Administrative Support Center

Administrative Support Center
Human Resources Division
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Time and Leave

In the summer of 2018, the Administrative Support Center deployed a new workforce management solution, Kronos, for the departments supported by the ASC. The purpose behind  this new system is to automate the previous manual processes, eliminate paper forms and to minimize errors. Our goal is to make capturing time worked and requesting leave easier and more efficient.

Benefits to employees:

  • Easy access to your own information, including leave balances, time-off requests and hours worked
  • Ability to request leave through an automated workflow system, eliminating the need for separate HRIS or paper requests and manual approvals
  • Rules and pay policies will be integrated into the system to ensure consistency and minimize errors
  • Ability to approve own timecard at the end of each pay period, ensuring you that you get paid for the correct amount of hours worked

Units participating:

Participating in this system are all departments currently supported by the Administrative Support Center. These major units currently include:

  • Office of the President
  • Provost
  • Staley School of Leadership Studies
  • University Operations
  • Human Capital Services
  • Division of Communications and Marketing
  • Research
  • Facilities
  • Public Safety

Non-exempt staff are using the system for both time and leave reporting and exempt staff are using the system for leave reporting only. The time and leave data from Kronos will be imported directly into HRIS for payroll processing following supervisor approval.

Time entry

The Kronos system provides time reporting via wall terminals in various buildings on campus, desktop computer, and for some units, a smartphone mobile app. See your supervisor for the time/leave reporting features enabled for your unit.

Wall Terminal Access

Wall terminals are located in several buildings on campus. There is a wall terminal available in most buildings where ASC-supported departments are located and in one central building within each Facilities zone.

Non-exempt employees may utilize their KSU employee ID to clock in and out using these wall terminals, much like using a credit card ("swiping"). Check with your supervisor to determine the appropriate wall terminal location(s) for your position/unit. If you do not have an employee ID card, please contact your supervisor - a new card will be issued at the ID Center at the K-State Student Union, if necessary.

Desktop Computer Access

In many cases, staff with a desktop computer may use it to clock in and out and to request leave, using a web browser.

Mobile Access

In specific units, mobile time and leave functionality will be enabled using a smartphone mobile app, available for both Android and Apple iOS systems. This functionality will only be enabled for those units where mobile access is required and must be approved by their director. Location services for the app must be enabled when used to allow tracking of clock in/clock out location.

Please ensure that you download the Kronos App "UKG Workforce CentralTM" from the appropriate location on your phone.  You will need the following server information: “https://signin.k-state.edu/idp/profile/SAML2/Unsolicited/SSO?providerId=https://k-state.kronos.net/wfc/mobile/logon”.

FMLA/Extended Absence

If you or anyone in your unit/department is going to be out for a medical issue, either for yourself or a family member, please notify your ASC representative so that FMLA can be offered.

If an employee is out for more than 6 days, your ASC representative will reach out to the supervisor to verify that FMLA is not needed.

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