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Note-taking Services

Note-taking accommodations are available to eligible students with disabilities. Volunteer note-takers are solicited by the instructor of the class. However, many instructors provide notes or PowerPoint slides via K-State Online which may reduce the need for note-taking services. 

The following information outlines the steps to take when requesting a note-taker.

  • Meet with an access advisor to request a note-taking accommodation.
  • Meet with the instructor to discuss the accommodation.
  • If you need the instructor to obtain a volunteer note-taker for you, the instructor will read an announcement in class. Your information should be kept confidential.
  • Once a note-taker is located, ask the instructor for the note taker's name and email address.
  • Contact the volunteer by email to discuss the details of providing the notes to you or if you would like to remain anonymous, contact Student Access Center with the note-taker's contact information.
  • You should notify us immediately if there are concerns or issues in receiving notes in a timely fashion.