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Education Abroad


Cost is understandably a major--perhaps the most important--barrier for students who wish to study abroad.  No matter where your child goes, he or she will most likely have to buy a plane ticket, find lodging, and consider potentially higher costs of living than in Kansas.

In truth, though, the costs of study abroad vary by program.  In some cases, like some programs in Latin America, it costs less to study abroad for a semester than it would to live and study full time in Manhattan.  In other cases, such as Australia or Europe, the cost of living abroad may be more expensive than staying on campus.

There are many options for funding your study abroad experience including scholarships and federal financial aid. Please see our Scholarships page for more information about the Office of International Programs scholarships as well as other university and national scholarships.  For more information about federal financial aid eligibility and instructions for how to receive aid, see our Financial Aid page.

Compare a Semester at K-State to a Semester Studying Abroad

Individual program costs vary based on a variety of factors, such as program type, hours of credit, length of program, number of excursions or other group activities, and location.  Study abroad program costs may look daunting at first, but remember that they often take into account all school tuition and fees as well as transportation, housing, and living costs for a whole term.  Here is a chart that compares costs for full-time study and life on the Manhattan campus relative to some of our programs:

Estimated Costs for One Semester at K-State (2017-2018)*  
Tuition and Fees**Semester
Tuition (15 hours - Number of hours for exchange programs) 
Kansas Resident $300.40 per credit hour$4,636.50
Out-of-State Resident $797.10 per credit hour$12,303.00
Privilege Fee$431.00
Traditional Double Room in the Residence Halls$2,415.00
All Access Meal Plan$2,300.00
Additional Costs** 
Books and Supplies$550.00
Kansas Resident$12,332.50
Out-of-State Resident$19,999.00
Estimated Costs for Select Semester-Long Programs through K-State Education Abroad (2017-2018)*
Japan (Nagoya University, Exchange Program)         $13,338.00
Czech Republic (Charles University ECES, Direct Enroll)$11,428.00
Costa Rica (San Ramon, USAC Program Provider)             $10,680.00
*All costs rounded up to the nearest dollar
**K-State costs provided by the Office of Admissions