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Education Abroad

International Exchange Student of the Month

Simon Cibulka

Home University and Country: Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

Major: Electrical Engineering

Advice to Future Exchange Students coming to K-State: “Be active! Never be alone, join every activity around you, do everything you have time to do.”


When deciding to study abroad, how did you decide to come to K-State rather than another university?

I always wanted to go to the USA, even before I started studying at the university. I wanted to see how it looks here, and how Americans are. I eventually picked the school with the best conditions in terms of financial support but also in terms of offered courses and activities. Moreover, as a Czech exchange student I can join (and I actually did) the host family program organized by Liz Beikman and her husband Howard. Big thanks to them!




What sort of service learning or project are you doing outside of your classes that is unique? Describe what you do with this. How did you go about finding it?

I´m doing a solar engineering project for one of my classes, and now I´m pursuing an internship in a company focused on similar problems. I have also joined Wildcat Wind Power club. In the WWP club we are going to project and build a small-scale wind turbine and then go to compete with it at the Collegiate Wind Competition in Chicago, hosted by the United States Department of Energy. I was able to find it at one of the events at the beginning of the semester where the clubs were presenting themselves to students. 


What did you think of the US upon arrival? Was it what you expected or were there any big surprises?

Before my arrival everyone told me that Kansas is one big, flat corn field and that I will die of boredom here. But it is not the truth! You do have trees and hills here too! And there are so many things to do here!


What is your favorite part about being a K-State student?

The chance to take advantage of the possibility of being involved in a lot of clubs and activities, and to meet new people who are always friendly and willing to share. I also enjoy the feeling that I´m a part of a strong, loving community of K-Staters!




Would you mind sharing a phrase or word from your home country and what it means?

“Úžasná zkušenost” which means “Great experience”. It is what being at K-State is. Don´t hesitate to come here!