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Education Abroad

Marketing and Promotion

Marketing a faculty-led program effectively is perhaps the most challenging aspect of the entire process for faculty leaders. Many faculty traditionally do not have responsibility for promoting their on-campus courses or do not incur any significant loss if their offered courses do not gain sufficient enrollment. For faculty-led programs, though, the faculty leader holds primary responsibility for promoting his or her program.

Academic research on faculty-led programs illustrates that the most effective way to promote a faculty-led program is direct faculty-leader engagement with students. You as the leader are the best face of the program. As a result, we strongly recommend that you conduct your own classroom visits; collaborate with departmental, college, or university partners to expand your potential audience; and utilize social media, college and department websites, the K-State Today, the Collegian, the Kansas State University radio station, or alumni from past programs to expand your target audience.

Education Abroad has developed the Faculty Led Programs Marketing and Recruitment Toolbox to assist faculty in promoting their programs. The toolbox includes information about how students hear about faculty led programs, why they choose to participate in faculty led programs, and recommendations to faculty regarding promotion of their programs. 

Note that the Office of the Provost has mandated that faculty cannot include cost information in any marketing or promotion strategy until Education Abroad has approved their programs. You are welcome to spark interest as early as you like as long as you do not include a program fee in these initiatives.

As insufficient marketing tends to be the primary reason why a program fails to make, Education Abroad is able to help.

Events and Presentations

We also can promote your program through our office events, including classroom presentations and workshops. You are welcome to join our office staff and Peer Advisors during these presentations, staff a table at these events, or collaborate with Education Abroad on its other regular events.