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Education Abroad

Application and Enrollment

As every faculty-led program comprises an academic course and a study tour, Education Abroad undertakes different procedures to build both elements. Your program participants must both apply through the Education Abroad Office for the tour and, after they commit to the application, enroll themselves in the associated course.

Program Application

Once the Director of Education Abroad approves your program proposal, the Education Abroad staff will create a digital brochure for your program through Terra Dotta, the Office’s online program database. This brochure is where participants may access program information, including but not limited to dates, itinerary, and payment information. To view a sample online program brochure, visit the active Faculty-Led Programs list in Terra Dotta and click on a program name.

The brochure is the same location where all participants may start their online program applications. We have also created application instructions for those who would like assistance with this process. Non-K-State students must apply as non-degree-seeking students to Kansas State University separately from their program application to Terra Dotta.

Pending Phase

Once prospective participants create applications, their applications will be in the “Pending” phase. At this point, applicants must review and electronically sign several Signature Documents:

  • Conditions of Participation Form for Faculty Led Programs
  • Faculty-Led Budget Sheet
  • Funding Your Program
  • Passport Information

The Conditions of Participation requires applicants to agree to Kansas State University policies regarding faculty-led programs. The Faculty-Led Budget Sheet and Financial Contract itemizes estimated costs of the program, including tuition, program fees, and out-of-pocket expenses; and lists all financial policies to which students are bound at the “Commitment” phase. (See below for more on the “Commitment” process). 

Note that participants do not need to possess valid passports to apply to a program. At this stage, they only must acknowledge that it is their sole responsibility to secure valid passports in order to travel on the study tour.

In addition, applicants must complete (either online or on paper) two Material Submissions:

  • Conditions of Participation Form for Faculty Led Programs
  • Faculty-Led Budget Sheet

Applicants must also complete one Questionnaire:

  • Sharing Your E-mail Information
  • Education Abroad Program Survey Questions
  • Voluntary Disclosure of Health and Accommodation Information

Some programs may include additional material requirements or questionnaires, depending on the nature of the program. 

While applicants complete these elements, the Education Abroad Office will work with the Office of Student Life and the Department of Housing and Dining Services to conduct disciplinary clearance checks. If these units classify an applicant as a Student of Concern, Education Abroad will reach out to you with more information.

Once participants complete all parts of their applications and gain disciplinary clearance, they are ready for acceptance.

Accepted Phase

Once the application deadline for your program has passed, and depending on your participant selection methods, the faculty leader and Education Abroad will work together to determine which of the applicants to accept into the program.

In addition, the faculty leader and Education Abroad will negotiate a Commitment deadline that establishes a period of time by which accepted students must commit to the program.

Once you as the leader select your roster of accepted participants, Education Abroad will change these applicants’ statuses to the “Accepted” phase. At this point, the applicant has until the Commitment deadline selected to log into their applications and click the “Commit” button.

Committed Phase

Once applicants have committed to their applications, their status changes to the “Committed” phase. At this point, they are bound by the policies listed in the Conditions of Participation, the Faculty-Led Budget Sheet, and the policies and procedures of Education Abroad listed here.

Committed applicants must complete one required and, if they choose, one other voluntary Questionnaire:

  • Passport Upload (required)
  • Voluntary Consent to Release Medical Information

As well as several Post-decision Signature documents, including:

  • K-State International Global Assistance and Insurance Program
  • Visa Information
  • Withdrawal, Dismissal, Termination, & Cancellation Policy
  • Health and Safety Information

Once a final roster of committed applicants is completed, and the minimum number of fee-paying students as listed on the Program Budget is achieved, the faculty leader may begin to work with Education Abroad to pay invoices related to the program.

Course Enrollment

After securing a program’s final roster of committed applicants, the Education Abroad staff will grant enrollment permission to those participants who wish to enroll in the program for credit. Participants are responsible for enrolling themselves in the course before the course start date.

If a course is offered for variable credit, participants will need to enroll in the correct number of credits.

If a participant wishes to enroll late, he or she may pay late enrollment fees or work with the Dean’s Office of the college that hosts the program to enroll.