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Education Abroad

KSU in Italy Summer Policies and Procedures

The KSU in Italy Summer programs are governed by the following policies and procedures:

Education Abroad and KSU in Italy Responsibilities

The Office of International Programs, Education Abroad, and the KSU in Italy Program Director, among other tasks, will build courses with Global Campus; coordinate course schedules; organize its own promotion of the KSU in Italy Summer programs; collect and process student applications; manage student enrollment; arrange student and instructor housing, ground transportation, official excursions, and other tour logistics; administering all financial related matters associated with the programs; help arrange instructor airfare; and provide student support and risk management for the duration of the programs.

Instructor Responsibilities

KSU in Italy summer programs instructors must commit to participation in the program by August 1 of the year prior to their program. Instructors who commit to participate agree to lead their course during the Summer program, unless they can arrange a replacement instructor, their course does not gain sufficient enrollment, or the KSU in Italy Summer program is not viable. Instructors are expected to be in Orvieto, Italy from the official program start date to official program end date. Instructors must organize their course syllabi; communicate clearly, frequently, and collaboratively with Education Abroad, other KSU in Italy instructors, the Program Director, and students; disclose any potential conflicts of time or availability; promote their own courses above and beyond the services that Education Abroad provides; meet with Education Abroad and other KSU in Italy instructors to assist with program coordination when available; instruct their courses while in residence in Orvieto; assist the KSU in Italy Program Director with student support and risk management as needed; and commit to and uphold the policies, procedures, and laws of Kansas State University, the State of Kansas, the United States, any host organizations, and Italy.