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Education Abroad

Kansas State University in Italy

Buongiorno e benvenuti! If you're interested in teaching Kansas State students in the bel paese, consider joining the Kansas State University in Italy program!

Kansas State University in Italy

Kansas State University in Italy (KSUI) is Kansas State's affiliate entity in Italy, based in the historic town of Orvieto in the region of Umbria. For over ten years, the College of Architecture, Planning, & Design has operated robust, semester-long programs in Orvieto. In 2017, in order to expand the study abroad program offerings in Orvieto, Education Abroad organized the first summer program with KSUI. 

We encourage faculty or departments to consider how they might engage with KSUI. There are currently a few different program structures you can utilize to offer a study abroad program with KSUI.

All of the program structures below have the benefit of all logistics and planning for programs organized by Education Abroad and the KSU in Italy Program Director.

Summer Interdisciplinary Program 

Program Details: 6-8 courses, 3-credits each, are offered with students enrolling in 2 of the courses. Due to scheduling and logistical limitations, only 6-8 courses can be selected to be part of the 4-week program. Course schedule, excursions, and other details are determined by Education Abroad.

-          Length & Dates: 4-weeks, typically running from mid-May to mid-June

-          Courses: three-credits, no pre-requisites, academic content open and relevant to most KSU majors *

-          Program activities: weekend excursions to Rome & Florence, and day trips in the region

* For courses that we are unable to accommodate in the summer interdisciplinary program (for example, the course has a pre-requisite, or it is not generally open to students from most majors), Education Abroad is still interested in exploring alternate ways for your course to be involved in KSU in Italy during the summer or alternative term.


Program Proposal Submission Deadlines - May 1st

To ensure appropriate time for program planning & development and student recruitment, KSUI Summer Program proposals are due May 1st of the year prior. The Proposal Form is linked below:

KSU in Italy  Program Proposal Form