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Education Abroad

Course Lists at Partner Institutions

It can often be difficult to locate the course listings at partner universities to be able to advise a student on which courses to take while abroad, or to determine what the KSU equivalent course would be.  These are some basic tips on helping you navigate course listings at international universities.

  • We have included a "shortcut" link to the courses page for many of our exchange and direct enrollment partner universities on the brochure for each university through our website.  To find the brochure:
    • go to http://ksu.studioabroad.com
    • click on "PROGRAMS" in the upper right-hand corner of the page
    • type in part of the name of the university in the search box, or search by city or country
    • when you get the search results, click on the name of the appropriate university or partner
    • scroll down to find the brochure for that university or partner; there should be a link to course information

  • Many universities abroad, as with Kansas State University, do not disclose much information about the courses they will be offering.  You may be able to find a short course description, but often full syllabi are not available online.  If you require more information to determine a course equivalency, please contact a Education Abroad Advisor with the name and code of the course for which you require more informaiton, and we will contact our partner to try to obtain more information.

  • Many universities abroad, as with Kansas State University, do not list the courses that will be offered during a particular semester until the semester prior.  In general, if you have access to previous term course listings, you can assume that many of the same courses will be offered during the corresponding term in the future.

  • Some universities abroad use the word "course" in the same way that we use "department" or "college", and use the word "unit" or "class" in the same way that we use "course".  This is important to know when searching for specific class information.

  • Not all classes available to domestic students are available to international students

  • Remember that Department or class names may differ at institutions abroad.  For example, to find a Kinesiology course, you may need to look for similar key words, such as "sport science," "athletics", or "exercise science." 

  • If you are still having problems locating the course listing for a particular university or institution, please contact a Education Abroad Advisor for assistance.  We are happy to help!