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Education Abroad

Advising Students Abroad

While abroad, K-State students are encouraged to keep in contact with their regular Academic Advisor regarding two main topics: updating course enrollment while abroad, and enrollment in K-State courses for the semester after they return.

Advisors should also know that the Education Abroad Office encourages students, before departing the host country, to request that their transcripts be sent (or ensure that their institution is sending) directly to the Director of Education Abroad, Joe Milostan (milosta1@k-state.edu) at the following address:

Attn: Joe Milostan
Education Abroad
Kansas State University
304 Fairchild Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506 – U.S.A.

It is also recommended that students request a copy of their transcript for their own records.

Updating Course Enrollment While Abroad

While applying for an education abroad program, all students who will be transferring credit back to K-State are asked to complete an Academic Approval Form.  However, upon arrival and course registration, a student's course selections may change.  If that happens, the student should email his or her Education Abroad advisor and academic advisor, who will then begin to work on finding appropriate K-State equivalencies for the classes in which the student enrolled.  The Education Abroad Advisor can assist in revising your Academic Approval Form while the student is abroad.

Enrollment in K-State Courses for the Semester After Return

While abroad, students will need to enroll in courses at K-State for the semester following their time abroad (if they are not graduating after their time abroad).  Although students are encouraged to determine the courses they will take at K-State after studying abroad before they depart, they may be in contact with you regarding course enrollment via email. Students may also need to have advisor flags removed.  We appreciate your willingness to work with students via email, instead of in person, during this time.