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Education Abroad

Advise Education Abroad Students

Are you advising a student interested in education abroad?  Access the resources below and in our left-hand menu to give your students ideas about how education abroad will help them advance their majors, minors, and careers.

Types of Education Abroad Programs

We offer many different types of programs, from traditional study abroad to internships to faculty-led programs.  To learn the differences among these them, as well as definitions for the terms often used in study abroad, check out our quick guide to the many types of education abroad programs.

Guides for Majors and Minors

Students are free to search our online database--and we encourage you to help them with this process, if you're interested.  But they may also browse by major or minor.  We've put together Major/Minor Advising Programs, or MAPs, that summarize basic education abroad information, offer suggestions for programs, and can help you advise your students on their options.

Course Equivalencies

When students are deciding among programs, they should consider what coursework is available.  For information about how to transfer credits from abroad back to KSU, or suggestions for equivalent courses abroad, see our Course Equivalencies pages.

The Study Abroad Placeholder Course

When students apply to study abroad, they must be enrolled in the MLANG 001 placeholder course.  Find information for how to help them with this process.

Advising Education Abroad

Students who are currently abroad may have concerns about how courses transfer back to K-State, or may want to enroll in courses for the next term.  On our Advising Students Abroad page, you can find information about how to help them while they're overseas.

Upon Return

Once your students return, they may have concerns about credit transfers, transcripts, and other issues.  Help them with the resources found on our Upon Return page.