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Education Abroad

LGBT Students Abroad

Studying abroad may provide opportunities for you to explore or express your sexuality or gender in ways you may not have felt comfortable doing in the United States. Think of your international experience as a way to explore who you are in every way possible!

At the same time, LGBT students or those who are questioning their sexual or gender identities may travel to cultures that are less tolerant of such expression.  In some countries, in fact, same-sex behaviors are illegal and carry severe punishments.  When reading about your host nation, consider the laws and cultural attitudes toward LGBT travelers.  Be sure that you observe them carefully.  You may also want to look for LGBT-friendly lodging, restaurants, or activities before you travel.  Whatever you do, always practice safe and responsible sexual behaviors.

K-State provides many resources and avenues of support for any issues relating to your sexual or gender identity and expression.  No matter whether you go abroad or remain in Kansas, you may contact the K-State LGBT Resource Center at any time for advice, guidance, and support.  As always, you may contact your Education Abroad Advisor for more information about LGBT attitudes abroad.  Many advisors across campus are members of the Safe Zone program and are willing and able to help.

Resources beyond K-State

You can access a lot of information about your host nation's attitudes toward LGBT travelers online.  For some general information, check out the Gay and Lesbian Travel page on Wikitravel.  At local bookstores you may also find travel guides, such as Lonely Planet, that often include information geared toward LGBT travelers.  Also check out the NAFSA Rainbow Special Interest Group, which is particularly designed for lesbian, gay, and bisexual students abroad. The following resources may also be of assistance as you are researching a country or planning your time abroad: