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Education Abroad

After Your Program

After you return home, consider participating in the following activities to share your experience with others and learn how to highlight it on your resume and during job interviews.

Prepare for Reverse Culture Shock

Believe it or not, it’s common for students to experience difficulties readjusting to American culture.  Check out Prepare for Reverse Culture Shock for information about how to minimize reverse culture shock.

Credit Transfer Information

Read and e-sign the "Credit Transfer Information" document on your KSUonline education abroad (StudioAbroad) application. This information is for students who will be transferring credit from an institution abroad to KSU.

Log in to your KSU online education abroad application and click on "Login/Register" in the upper right-hand corner.  Log-in to the system and choose your education abroad program to view and e-sign the "Credit Transfer Information" document.  This document will provide information on the process of transferring credits from your program abroad to KSU.

You can also read more about the post study abroad credit transfer process here: http://www.k-state.edu/abroad/faculty-advisors/advise/return.html

Attend Unpacking Your International Experience: The Study Abroad Re-Entry Event

This event allows you to share your experiences, meet other students, and work through reverse culture shock. For times and dates, see our Important Dates and Deadlines.

Attend Putting Your International Experience to Work: The Education Abroad Professional Development Workshop

Hosted jointly with Career and Employment Services, this workshop helps you highlight your international experience on your resume, in cover letters, and during job interviews. For times and dates, see our Important Dates and Deadlines.

Go Abroad Again!

You can study abroad as many times as you want, or explore other opportunities like service-learning, internships, work, research, or teaching abroad. Contact your Education Abroad Advisor for more opportunities to discover the world and discover yourself!

If you are looking to go abroad after graduation, it’s never too early or late to explore your options!