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Memorial Stadium

Honoring the fallen

Memorial Stadium was constructed in the 1920s to honor the students and alumni who sacrificed their lives during World War I. Dedicated in 1929, Memorial Stadium was the first memorial on campus. Identical plaques commemorating veterans are located on the south ends of both West Stadium and East Stadium.

Plans for the stadium began in 1922 when university leaders wanted to build an architectural shrine to honor fallen soliders. They decided that a stadium was a fitting structure that would stand as a courageous reminder, as well as be useful to the college and community. The west wing was completed in 1922, the east wing in 1924. The enclosing walls were added in 1928 and the locker rooms and offices were built in 1938.

University football games were moved from Memorial Stadium to the then KSU Stadium in 1967. Today, the stadium is used for marching band practice, club soccer and rugby. West Stadium is home to the Purple Masque Theatre, and East Stadium now houses the Berney Family Welcome Center.