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Math Courses

Math Placement

All new students are required to take a math placement assessment for admission to Kansas State University. Current students who are unsure about which K-State math course is most appropriate for their ability are invited to attempt the math placement assessment for algebra and/or calculus courses. Students are advised to visit with their respective academic advisors for guidance with regard to their scores as to which course would be most suited to their abilities. Visit http://www.math.ksu.edu/placement to complete the placement assessment. You must have a K-State login ID and password to gain access. Results from the placement test will be available within 24 hours of completing the assessment.

Instruction in nondegree math courses is provided through the Academic Assistance Center for the courses listed below.

Math Review

Math Review is a graded, 1- credit- hour course offered under DED 051 Study Skills through the College of Education. This course meets two hours per week and provides a basic introduction/review of fractions, decimals, percents, signed numbers, and simple algebraic expressions. The sole purpose of this course is to prepare students to enroll in MATH 010 Intermediate Algebra at Kansas State University.

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Intermediate Algebra

MATH 010 Intermediate Algebra is a preparatory course for MATH 100 College Algebra. The course includes arithmetic (signed numbers, polynomials, algebraic fractions, exponents, and roots), solutions to equations (linear, quadratic, polynomial, root, and fractional), graphs (linear and quadratic), and geometry (area, perimeter, and the Pythagorean Theorem). In order to enroll in Intermediate Algebra, you must meet one of the following prerequisites:

  1. Two units of mathematics in grades 9-12 and a probability of earning ≥ C in K-State's College Algebra course of 43 or more on the ACT assessment, or
  2. a score of 15-20 on K-State's math placement exam

The Math Review course is recommended for students who do not meet these prerequisites.

Dale Hawkinson, instructor
101 Holton Hall