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Academic Achievement Center
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Meet the Academic Coaches

Scott Voos,
Director & Academic Coach
"I love witnessing the hope for the future while working with students. I see the endless supply of energy, the unimaginable creativity and the unwavering pursuit of defining their purpose; and I am reminded that it is them who are shaping our future’s path. For this, I am grateful for being a contributing factor in their definition of purpose."
Nidhi Bhandari,
Academic Coach
"My engagement with students has brought me vis-à-vis my passion for student development and success. Serving as an academic coach allows me to invest myself in helping students chart their journey to academic success. It is very gratifying to work closely with students, hear their stories, meet them where they are at, learn about their dreams, and actively engage with them to help them find a path to maximize their abilities. My favorite part about working with students is when they share their excitement about the progress they are making and discovering themselves in new ways."
Nick Dean,
Academic Coach
"My favorite thing about working with students is the diversity represented by each of my students. On any given day, I am lucky enough to interact with students who represent a broad spectrum of backgrounds and identities. This encourages me to be aware of a student’s background and ensures that no two days are the same - which I love! Diversity makes K-State a strong, vibrant university, and it makes me a better academic coach."
Allison DuLac,
Academic Coach
"When I was an undergraduate student working as an academic tutor and ambassador, I fell in love with working with college students. My favorite part of working with students is hearing their stories and watching them grow. It is exciting to see a student develop and discover themselves during their college years, and I enjoy supporting them through the process."
Jessica Kerr,
Academic Coach
"Universities are big spaces and it is easy to lose site of the reason we are all here — students and scholarship. Having an opportunity to connect with students, hear their personal stories, understand their challenges in navigating this path towards study and self-transformation is above all the reason I am compelled to work in this capacity as a coach in the AAC. Kansas State is but a single stop on a student’s journey to making contributions to the world we share. "