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Academic Achievement Center

Academic Achievement Center
101 Holton Hall
1101 Mid-Campus Dr. North
Manhattan, KS 66506


Tutoring Services

Holtz Hall
1005 Mid-Campus Dr. North
Manhattan, KS 66506


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Stephanie J. Bannister sbann@ksu.edu   

Stephanie Headshot 

Assistant Vice Provost for Student Success

"My favorite part of the work we do is watching our mission as a land-grant institution come to life! We pour into each and every student so that no matter their career choice or where the land they feel equipped and empowered to invest in those around them."

Strengths: Responsibility • Empathy • Relator • Learner • Achiever

R.J. Youngblood youngblood@ksu.edu

RJ Youngblood

Assistant Director

"Attending K-State brings great opportunity to learn, develop, and achieve personal and professional goals. We all have an obligation to ensure each student has the opportunity to thrive. It is essential of us all to constantly evaluate how we contribute to a learning community that is equitable and inclusive." 

Strengths: Strategic • Intellection • Individualization • Achiever • Learner

Kiley Moody  kmoody@ksu.edu 

Kiley Headshot


Managing Director, Scholar Services


"I truly enjoy working in the Academic Achievement Center because everyone is student focused and puts students first."

Strengths: Achiever • Developer • Harmony • Learner • Empathy

Luke Matulewicz 


Managing Director of Tutoring Services

"There's something special about watching people finally understand what they've been struggling to understand."

Strengths: Input • Learner • Connectedness • Individualization • Ideation

Jessica Kerr  jpkerr@ksu.edu

Jess Headshot

Managing Director & Academic Coach, Academic Coaching Program

"Having an opportunity to connect with students, hear their personal stories, understand their challenges in navigating this path towards study and self-transformation is above all the reason I am compelled to work in this capacity as a coach in the AAC."

Strengths: Activator • Input • Command • WOO • Communication

Allison DuLac  adulac@ksu.edu

Allison Headshot

Academic Coach

"My favorite part about working with students is hearing their stories and watching them grow. It is exciting to see a student develop and discover themselves during their college years, and I enjoy supporting them through the process."

Strengths: Harmony • Maximizer • Learner • Analytical • Intellection

Kaylie Towles  ketowles@ksu.edu


Academic Coach


"My favorite part about working in student success is the moment students realize their own potential and run with it. I love created positive intentional impact for each student that walks through the door."

Strengths: Maximizer • Empathy • Strategic • Relator • Arranger 

Rebeca Paz rpaz@ksu.edu


Assistant Director, Office of First-generation Students


Lauren Mulanax lnmulanax@ksu.edu


Graduate Assistant, Academic Achievement Center

"I enjoy working in student success because I get to see students learn and grow in a supportive environment."

Strengths: Woo • Communication • Activator • Significance • Futuristic 

Araceli Velasco  velascoa@ksu.edu


Graduate Assistant, Academic Intervention Program, Academic Coaching 

"I enjoy working in student success because I get the opportunity to support students and watch them grow and a reach their academic goals."

Strengths: Developer • Restorative • Empathy • Consistency • Connectedness 

Melitza Ramirez  melitzar@ksu.edu


Graduate Assistant, Kauffman Scholars 

"I work to support student success because it is amazing to see how students progress. I love to support students as they find who they are and knowing that they have someone for that support is rewarding."  

Strengths: Harmony • Achiever • Empathy • Consistency • Restorative

Karina Moncayo-Michel karinamichel@ksu.edu


Graduate Assistant, Office of First-generation Students

"Every student deserves to feel prepared, confident, and supported in the challenges and successes they might face while in college or after."

Strengths: Responsibility • Positivity • Restorative • Developer • Futuristic 

Katie Klaassen  klaassenka@ksu.edu

Katie Klaassen

Graduate Assistant, Academic Coaching 

"It is amazing to be a part of a team that genuinely wants students succeed. The Academic Achievement Center cultivates a supportive environment to help students attain sustainable personal growth!"

Strengths: Harmony • Restorative • Empathy • Responsibility • Consistency 

Carlee Lomenick clomenick@ksu.edu 

Carlee Lomenick

Graduate Assistant, Academic Achievement Center 

"The AAC provides students with opportunities and space for growth, empowerment, and learning. I love working in student success because I get to be a part of that change and walk alongside students and their journey.” 

Strengths: Empathy • Developer • Connectedness • Individualization • Restorative 

Brett Hunt brett51@ksu.edu 

Graduate Assistant, Academic Achievement Center  

“My favorite part about working in student success is getting to play a small role in each students academic journey.  For many, this is their first time on their own and adjusting to college can be quite challenging. It is a privilege to help aid and guide them to the best of their potential and witnessing their academic success”

Strengths: Individualization • Responsibility • Connectedness • Developer • Analytical