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2025 Visionary Plan

If you have questions or comments, or suggestions, please send an email to 2025@k-state.edu

Phase 4: Letter to Campus

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Exactly one year ago, we launched the ambitious K-State 2025 initiative with the visionary goal to be recognized as a Top 50 Public Research University by 2025. Today, we want to update you about the next steps. You can follow the history of K-State 2025 by checking out the K-State 2025 Visionary Plan.

In December, you were asked to review and comment on the planning themes and common elements proposed by the President’s Cabinet in conjunction with the Faculty Senate, Classified Senate, and Student Senate. Thank you for the comments, which can be viewed online.

Our agreed upon themes are:

  1. Scholarship, Research, Creative Activities, Discovery
  2. Undergraduate Educational Experience
  3. Graduate Scholarly Experience
  4. Faculty and Staff
  5. Facilities and Infrastructure
  6. Engagement, Extension, Outreach, and Service
  7. Athletics

The process also identified common elements that transcend inclusion in any single theme. These elements include: Diversity, International, Sustainability, Communications and Marketing, External Constituents, Culture, Technology, and Funding.

It’s particularly exciting to be at the next stage of our planning as we establish major goals and develop the actual roadmap to help us realize our vision for K-State in 2025. During the past several weeks, we have worked with our university governance groups to assemble seven committees, each charged with developing an action plan for a specific thematic area. The committees have two co-chairs, including one appointed by Faculty Senate. Committee members represent faculty, staff, students, administrators and alumni; plus members from the Faculty Senate Committee on University Planning (FSCOUP), the Classified Senate, and Student Senate. We want to thank the many people who are committing significant time and energy to K-State 2025 in the next few months. View the list of committee members.

The work of the committees will take place during February and March, facilitated by Jan Middendorf and the Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation. As the action plans for each thematic area are completed, they will be incorporated into the framework of the overall plan. The plan will then be shared broadly with the K-State community in April and May for review and comment. Our goal is to launch the final K-State 2025 plan in August.

We’ve asked the committees to think broadly and boldly, to be solution-driven and focused on positive outcomes. As you know, the ultimate goal at the end of the K-State 2025 planning process is a visionary plan that is inclusive, exciting, innovative, and encompasses campus-wide involvement as we work together for K-State’s future.

Stay tuned to our K-State 2025 web site. Our strategic plan is becoming real.

As always, your comments and ideas are welcome. Please send them to 2025@k-state.edu.

Go Cats!

Kirk Schulz
April Mason

The Visionary Plan Process

  • Establish overall goal

    February 2010

  • Where are we now?

    March-September 2010

  • Identify major themes

    October-December 2010

  • Establish major goals

    January-March 2011

  • Draft overall plan

    March 2011

  • Gather feedback

    April-May 2011

  • Rollout final plan

    August-September 2011