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2025 Visionary Plan

If you have questions or comments, or suggestions, please send an email to 2025@k-state.edu

Phase 3: Major Themes & Common Elements

The final themes and common elements emerged from feedback on the Proposed Major Themes and Common Elements.


Small groups will be convened focused on each thematic area to recommend goals and objectives to meet the Top 50 goal by 2025.

  • Scholarship, Research, Creative Activities, Discovery
  • Undergraduate Educational Experience
  • Graduate Scholarly Experience
  • Faculty and Staff
  • Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Engagement, Extension, Outreach and Service
  • Athletics

Common elements

The following elements support the themes and should be integrated into each small group's planning. Other common elements deemed necessary by each group should be integrated as well.


Build an inclusive campus climate that will foster mutual understanding among diverse groups.


Strengthen communication and coordination among K-State's international programs and constituents in order to achieve goals for the university's further internationalization.


Pursue environmental, social, and economic sustainability in every major area of the university.

Communication and Marketing

Unify the brand voice and continue K-State on the path to an improved national, and international, reputation.

External Constituents

Consider the needs of alumni, donors, and partners of K-State.


Examine the values and beliefs necessary to support Vision 2025 and promote the culture such that K-State's external image is positively aligned.


Pursue the funding models necessary to effectively and efficiently realize the university's mission and vision.


Create the technology environment necessary to support the K-State community and the university's mission, vision, programs, and priorities.