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2025 Visionary Plan

If you have questions or comments, or suggestions, please send an email to kstatesem@k-state.edu.

Strategic Enrollment Management Engagement

Gathering the perspectives of a broad range of K-Staters is key to charting new directions.  The Huron Consulting Team is meeting with administrators, faculty, staff, and students in a variety of settings.

Interview and Focus Groups to Date

Tuesday, Jan. 9
  • Campus Tour
  • International Student Resource Fair
  • International Student Workshop "Making the Most of your K-State Academic Experience"
Wednesday, Jan. 10
  • Steering Committee Kick-off Meeting
  • Richard Myers, University President
  • Pat Bosco, VP for Student Life
  • April Mason, Provost and Senior VP
Thursday, Jan. 11
  • Ethan Erickson, Assistant VP for Budget Planning
  • Greg Willems, President/Chief Executive Officer, KSU Foundation
    Greg Lohrentz, Senior VP of Operations and Finance, KSU Foundation
    John Morris, Senior VP of Development, KSU Foundation
    Lois Cox, VP for Investment/CIO, KSU Foundation
    Christi Scott, Senior Director of Compliance Services, KSU Foundation
  • Stephanie Bannister, Assistant VP for Student Life
  • Heather Mills, Facilities Planning Manager
    Loleta Sump, Director of Facilities Customer Service Desk
  • Jackie Hartman, Chief of Staff, Office of President
Friday, Jan. 12
  • Jeff Morris, VP, Communications and Marketing
    Ashley Martin, Executive Director, Communications and Marketing
  • Tim de Noble, Dean, College of Architecture, Planning & Design
  • Molly McGaughey, Director of Admissions
Tuesday, Jan. 16
  • Darren Dawson, Dean, College of Engineering
    Gary Clark, Senior Associate Dean, College of Engineering
    Craig Wanklyn, Assistant Dean, College of Engineering
  • Grant Chapman, Interim Associate Provost for International Programs
  • Steve Dandaneau, Vice Provost, Undergraduate Studies
  • John Buckwalter, Dean, College of Human Ecology
  • John Floros, Dean, College of Agriculture
    Don Boggs, Associate Dean, College of Agriculture
  • Greg Eiselein, Director of K-State First
Wednesday, Jan. 17
  • Carol Shanklin, Dean, Graduate School
  • Robert Gamez, Director of Student Financial Assistance
  • Debbie Mercer, Dean, College of Education
    Todd Goodson, Chair of Curriculum & Instruction, College of Education
    David Griffin, Assistant Dean for Diversity & Director Student Success, College of Education
  • Lynn Carlin, Special Assistant to the Provost
  • Karen Pedersen, Dean, K-State Global Campus
    Long Huynh, Associate Dean for Enrollment Management & Marketing, K-State Global Campus
Thursday, Jan. 18
  • Gary Pratt, Chief Information Officer
  • Lori Goetsch, Dean, K-State Libraries
    Mike Haddock, Associate Dean, K-State Libraries
  • Brian Niehoff, Associate Provost, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Amit Chakrabarti, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
    Kimathi Choma, Assistant Dean of Diversity, Recruitment, & Retention, College of Arts and Sciences
    Alison Wheatley, Associate Dean of Students, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Kevin Gwinner, Dean, College of Business Administration
    Eric Higgins, Associate Dean, College of Business Administration      
    Risa Langelo, Recruiting Coordinator, College of Business Administration
Friday, Jan. 19
  • Cindy Bontrager, VP, Administration and Finance
  • Adrian Rodriguez, Associate VP for Student Life of Diversity and Multicultural Student Affairs
  • Emily Lehning, Associate VP for Student Life and Director of New Student Services
Monday, Jan. 22
  • Cheryl Polson, Associate Dean, Graduate School
    Carol Shanklin, Dean, Graduate School
  • College of Veterinary Medicine Group Meeting
  • Deans' Council
  • Bernard Franklin, Assistant VP, Student Life and Special Assistant to the President
  • Jan Elsasser, Assistant VP, Student Life
    Sara Opperud, IT Support Specialist, Student Life
Tuesday, Jan. 23
  • Faculty Senate Leadership Committee
  • International Programs Group Meeting
  • College of Engineering Group Meeting
  • College of APDesign Group Meeting
  • College of Agriculture Group Meeting
Wednesday, Jan. 24
  • College of Business Administration Group Meeting
  • Leadership Studies Group Meeting
  • College of Human Ecology Group Meeting
  • K-State Global Campus Group Meeting
  • Undergraduate Program Council
Thursday, Jan. 25
  • College of Education Group Meeting
  • Graduate School Group Meeting
Monday, Jan. 29
  • New Student Services Group Meeting
  • Career Center Group Meeting
  • Larry Moeder, Assoc. VP, Student Life, Admissions & Student Financial Assistance
Tuesday, Jan. 30
  • Undergraduate Admissions Group Meeting
  • Housing and Dining Group Meeting
  • Education and Personal Development Group Meeting
  • Freshman/Sophomore Student Focus Group
    Junior/Senior Student Focus Group
Wednesday, Jan. 31
  • College of Arts and Sciences Department Heads Group Meeting
    College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office Group Meeting
  • Student Financial Assistance Group Meeting
    Registrar Office Group Meeting
  • Office of Student Life Group Meeting
    Student Access Center Group Meeting
    Center for Student Involvement Group Meeting
    Non-Traditional And Veteran Student Services Group Meeting
    Center for Advocacy, Response and Education Group Meeting
    LGBT Resource Center Group Meeting
    Office of Diversity and Multicultural Student Affairs Group Meeting
  • Transfer Student Focus Group
    International Student Focus Group