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A Summertime Song book illustration
A Summertime

Written and illustrated
by Irene Haas

Margaret K. McElderry Books, 1997
3+ years

One warm summer night Lucy opened her window and in jumped a frog. The frog gave Lucy an invitation to a birthday party and a magic paper party hat to wear. Then he jumped out again into the garden. And so begins Lucy's adventure.
spacer Like Alice in Wonderland, Lucy shrinks in size when the moonlight touches the hat. On the way to the party she is joined by one creature after another, each afraid of being late to the party. Lucy's taxi, driven by a baby bird too scared to fly, is big enough for all.
spacer Everyone from the garden was at the party--crickets and caterpillar clowns, inchworm and madame mouse. Birthday boy just happens to be Owl who has been threatening to eat the guests. When Lucy returns home, one of her companions is responsible for a very happy ending for her grandmother.
spacer Lucy's colorful hat is prominent in nearly every large illustration, made even more pleasing by its contrast with darker background colors. The rhythmic text is great for reading aloud. Vivid watercolors and pastels on large-size quality paper complement the dreamlike, surrealistic adventure.

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