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Cover illustration from Pegasus
Written by Marianna Meyer
Illustrated by K. Y. Craft

Morrow Junior Books, New York, 1998
5+ years

Marianna Meyer and K. Y. Kraft breathe new life into the classic story of the wild, solitary steed Pegasus who followed no one until the young hero Bellerophon needs his help. Condemned by a jealous king, Bellerophon must win the trust of the elusive Pegasus or face certain death--as so many before him--on the bone-scattered cliffs where the blood-thirsty chimera makes its lair.
spacerA Soothsayer tells Bellerophon that the great battle with the chimera can only be won in the air, on the back of the winged horse Pegasus. Bellerophon's search ends at the legendary fountain of Pirene, where he finds and wins the the trust of Pegasus. Together, Bellerophon and Pegasus, one hero of the earth and the other master of the clouds, battle the fierce chimera, a nightmare demon-beast with a goat's body joined to the head of a lion. The vicious creature is horrible to behold, embroiled in billowing clouds of fire and smoke, descending to earth to rake his enemies with deadly talons and destroy with lightning-fire breath.
spacerThe battle is fierce and the outcome in doubt. All night the deadly contest rages on, ending only when an exhausted and severely wounded Bellerophon risks all with a final, desperate spear thrust.
spacerK. Y. Kraft's oil over watercolor illustrations are created in a classical tradition. Her portrayal of Pegasus is wonderful: a gossamer creature with translucent wings of feathered clouds and a rainbow mane. If Pegasus exists, this is what he looks like. A truly noble steed of the air.

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