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Adventure on Klickitat Island cover graphic
Adventure on
Klickitat Island

Written by Hilary Horder Hippely
Illustrated by Barbara Upton
Dutton Children's Books
New York, NY 1998

3+ years

Nothing better than a good teddy bear and one's imagination to help a young child get through a nighttime storm. Beary the bear and the young boy begin their adventure with an alert that someone is calling for help. The child and his bear cross a stormy lake to find the forest animals frightened and in need of a common shelter. They prefer a place to huddle together instead of being alone. The little boy helps the animals build a common shelter and then shares his precious blanket with them.
spacerHilary Hippely's prose has a Dr. Seuss rhythm and is great fun to read aloud. Barbara Upton's colored pencil illustrations are delightfully bold and colorful. In her first illustrated book, Ms. Upton portrays the strong emotions of fear and anxiety in the forest animals while retaining the realism of their size and texture. I'm looking forward to her next work.

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