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Cover illustration from Dora's Box
Dora's Box

Written by Ann-Jeanette Campbell
Illustrated by Fabian Negrin

Knopf Books for Young Readers, NY, NY 1998
4+ years

What would it be like to live in a perfect world? A world without pain or sorrow?
spacer Dora, the child of a good hearted man and woman, knows such a world. She is protected by the wishes her parents made before her birth--wishes granted by a grateful witch. Her parents first asked for a child, next for her to be protected from all evil, sadness, and pain in the world, and lastly for her to be loved by all. The witch gives Dora's parents a box in which to put everything they want to protect her from, as well as a warning that Dora must never open the box, or the wish will come undone. The last wish is up to Dora to complete.
spacer As the years go by, Dora's box is filled and Dora never feels pain, or fear, or grief--until the day a boy persuades Dora to open the box. As Dora feels sadness for the first time, the third wish finally comes true, for to be loved by all, she must know pain and sorrow as well as happiness and joy.
spacer Inspired by the myth of Pandora's box, this mesmerizing tale, paired with the spectacular paintings of debut illustrator Fabian Negrin, has the depth and beauty of a classic (book description).

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