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Cover illustration from Dora's Box

Originally written by Charles Perrault
Illustrated by K.V. Craft

SeaStar Books, New York, NY 2000
4+ years

"Remember, if you stay one instant after the last stroke of midnight, your carriage will become a pumpkin... while you yourself will appear just as humble as you did before."
spacerSo goes the pronouncement of Cinderella's fairy godmother as the ragged maiden, now magically transformed into a ravishing beauty, climbs into her magnificent coach and sets off for the prince's ball. Telling after telling, age after age, this vision continues to thrill and enchant readers, for Cinderella has become a forever-loved story that will never grow old.
spacerWith her exquisite touch, Kinuko Craft now brings a new warmth and depth to this kind girl who, though cruelly mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters, wins the fair prince's heart. Luminous scenes, inspired by seventeenth- and eighteenth-century France, are radiant and rich with astonishing detail. For all those who dream of fairy godmothers, lavish balls, and living happily ever after, here is a fantasy come true. (from book jacket) I agree with the summary of this fine edition of the classic tale. ~ed.

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