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Basic Parenting Goals
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The goal of Basic Parenting is to nurture in parents the capacity to engage in mindful parenting and decision making in six areas: care for self, understand, nurture, guide, motivate, and advocate. Our goal is to create a program that is responsive to the neediest audience while simultaneously providing value to any parent regardless of educational level or degree of child rearing difficulty. Basic Parenting is simple because it deals with fundamentals. Simplicity can have a powerful elegance that makes a lifetime impression.

The emphasis in the program is not on training parents to carry out a type of "scripted" response to specific situations. Quite the opposite. The emphasis is on encouraging parents to listen to their intuition, develop hunches, and be playful in trying out different types of solutions.

Parents can step back from perceived problems and perceived solutions to view situations as novel. They can act on the belief that there are no failures--only ineffective solutions. More than anyone else, parents are the experts on their children. Parents should experience resources and group activities more as an awakening of something they already know than as being told something dramatically new.

If you would like to learn more about Basic Parenting, take a look at The Foundations Slide Show.

Basic Parenting
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