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Links to other sites on anger management
One of the more popular programs in anger management is called RETHINK, which stands for Recognizing anger; Empathizing with the other person; Thinking about the situation; Hearing what is said; Integrating respect and love; Noticing your body's reactions; and Keeping your attention on the problem. Several of these links will connect you to more information about this model for anger management.

The RETHINK model may work when applied in face-to-face relationships where anger emerges, but it appears to much less applicable in situations where the trigger for the anger is uncooperative, involves a circumstance that is not interpersonal (e.g., getting mad at yourself when you smash your finger with a hammer), or the trigger is not present (e.g., an act of terrorism).

FireWorks is intended to provide a broader model of anger management that uses the Principles and Skills format created for Basic Parenting. These links were selected for the information they provide. They do not emphasize a commercial interest. Although I find them personally worthwhile, their presence on this list should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the ideas found on their pages. You may or may not find them useful.

Anger and Aggression (quite comprehensive)
Containing Anger: Rethink (University of Missouri Extension)
Controlling Anger Before It Controls You (American Psychol. Assoc.)
Get Rid of Anger for a Healthy Life (University of Nebraska Extension)
Managing Anger Effectively (Pennsylvania State University Extension)
Myths of Anger Management

I would be happy to hear about any other links you might suggest. Please do not bother to send links that are essentially a sales pitch for a class or publication. Only substantive pages will be considered.

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