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spacerHumor: Themes: The Love Letter

Here is the entire text of a love letter intercepted by a second-grade schoolteacher, passed on to a parent, who passed it on to me:

Dear Billy, if you dont say you love me and walk to the bus top with me I will kill myself and beet you up. I love you and wan to marry you soon.

The little girl was eight at the time. The parent showed me the letter at the rehearsal dinner the day before Suzy married Billy. Suzy was twenty-four. During the wedding service, I shared the letter with the guests, and in her vows, had Suzy repeat to me: I, Suzy, promise you, Billy, never to kill myself or beat you up.

If the marriage lasts as long as her love, and her love is as large as the laughter in the ceremony, the odds are good for a happy ever after.

- a minister, Bellevue, WA.
as told to R.F.

originally from: Kadane on The Sixth Sense - The Sense of Humor list

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