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Responsive Discipline: A decision-making approach to guidance in parent-child relationships is an informal personal study course that provides tools for guiding and nurturing children from early childhood through adolescence. You don’t have to mail anything or register for a course. There is no grade to pursue (unless you are taking the course for university credit). You learn at home and at your own pace. Journal activities will enable you apply what you learned and keep a record of your participation.

During this period of study, you will be asked to consider what authority and influence mean in your relationship with your children. As you progress, you will look at how your own childhood might influence your discipline style. The course emphasizes discipline as making informed decisions rather than finding the "one right way." At every step you will be encouraged to make your own choices about discipline. Our emphasis is on building your knowledge, not selling you a technique.

You might consider inviting your co-parent or a friend to take the course simultaneously with you. You could set up a time to visit with a partner about course material and discuss your respective journal entries.

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