3. Make and implement a choice
We will explore 49 alternative tools that you can use and combine in some way to shape a plan to respond to problem behavior.

JOURNAL 20: The S-0-U-L strategy
Review again what each step in S-O-U-L means. Then complete Worksheet #9 Putting the S-O-U-L strategy to work. This strategy is the core framework for Responsive Discipline. Each of us comes to the job of raising children with our personal history, temperament, and abilities. Each of us has to find our own discipline style. Even so, this sequence will be essentially the same for all of us. The remainder of the course will be on the tools that will serve as your alternatives. At this point, just fill in what you think would be a loving response for the “Love” step.
Complete Worksheet #9 “Putting the S-O-U-L strategy to work” in your Responsive Discipline Journal

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