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Circumstances of Mobilize
The opportunity to move through all phases is going to vary significantly with circumstance. You may be in a helping organization like the Red Cross in which the goals of Mobilize can be difficult to achieve.
Keep in mind that every phase can occur within a very short time. Even a volunteer Red Cross Case Manager who is working with a client in disaster should go beyond Stabilize. A discussion about the responsible next steps should be a part of providing emergency funds. For example, clients should give thought to extended living arrangements and understand that they can return for additional Red Cross support to pay for the first month rental of property. In fact, every helper in any organization or agency should be moving with Friends toward the action steps at Mobilize.

Consider that success at Mobilize completes all preceding phases. Our ultimate goal of helping is movement. Mobilize is the capstone to helping. Even so, effectiveness at Mobilize is not going to be possible unless the previous phases have been successful.

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