Our Mission:

The mission of Workers Of Wisdom is very simple. WOW is dedicated to doing the work of God and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that our goal is to live up to the name "Workers Of Wisdom" inspires, which is to be used to do the work of the Lord in all aspects, whether it is on campus, in the local Manhattan community, or in society in general. We are strongly dedicated to community service, evangelizing, and reaching out to those in need. We believe that while doing this work of god, we will be able to instill wisdom and light into the people we touch. The wisdom of God is something that we know in our hearts can restore the spiritual peace of today's society and is able to break down all forms of spiritual bondage in the hearts of the people. That is why we will strive to keep this mission alive and never lose sight of this purpose.

History of WOW:

In December of 2003, a group of students at Kansas State University had a desire to attend Church. However, due to horrible weather conditions, the students were unable to leave the residence halls. So they decided to get together and discuss the scriptures pertaining to different topics that were affecting them at that time. This informal meeting of friends about the Word Of God was such a Success that they decided to continue these gatherings. From that point on Workers Of Wisdom was formed.

Today, Workers Of Wisdom is a thriving ministry at Kansas State University. This group focuses on a new twist to Bible Study that they have named “Bible Interaction”. It is considered a Multicultural Bible Study, where topics affect and interest all students of color. Workers Of Wisdom Continues to this day to grow in Love and Dedication to the work of the Living God.