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Diana McElwain

Women of K-State January 2010 Newsletter

We're off and running into 2010. We have had over 150 women participate in various Women of K-State athletic events for the fall semester. We have more events in athletics, women studies and arts coming up for spring 2010. There's lots of information to share so please read our entire newsletter.

  • Welcome to April Mason, new Provost and Senior Vice President
  • Working Together -- Women of K-State and Presidential Commission on the Status of Women
  • Women of K-State Salina
  • Working Groups -- Meetings to be scheduled in February
  • Website and Facebook Group
  • Spring Semester Events -- Save the Dates
  • Monthly Brown Bag Lunch on Women's Issues to start in February
  • Fall Semester Events Update
  • Directories of Women's Groups on Campus
  • Welcome to April Mason
    New Provost and Senior Vice President Dr. April Mason joined K-State as the new Provost and Senior Vice President. April comes from Colorado State University where she was dean of the College of Applied Human Sciences. Below is a weblink with more information on April. We'll be planning a Women of K-State welcome reception later this semester so check our website for updated information. http://www.k-state.edu/media/mediaguide/bios/masonbio.html
  • Working Together
    Women of K-State and Presidential Commission on the Status of Women The President's Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) and the Women of K-State (WoKS) Leadership Committee are working together to help make K-State a great place to work and go to class for women faculty, staff and students. While the WoKS Leadership Committee is coordinating the working group meetings, the PCSW will be holding focus groups with various constituents, followed by a university-wide survey of women to gather additional information related to opportunities for the recruitment, retention and advancement of women on campus. The two groups will work to collect and analyze the various data and ideas and will work together to develop a plan of action for various organizations on campus that work on women's issues and activities. For more information on the PCSW contact Nancy Baker (njbaker@k-state.edu), chair of the PCSW or see the website at http://www.k-state.edu/csw.
  • Women of K-State Salina
    Dean Dennis Kuhlman met with women faculty and staff at K-State Salina earlier this month to discuss the recruitment, retention and advancement of women on the Salina campus. During the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) session, the group had some great discussions and will move forward with pulling together the ideas. To learn more about the efforts at K-State Salina, please contact Dean Kuhlman or Dr. Jung Oh (jroh@k-state.edu)
  • Working Groups
    Meetings to be scheduled in February At our opening networking event and during the fall semester, many of you signed up for working groups to discuss some of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to the climate for women on the K-State campus. We have developed K-State on-line committees for each of the working groups. If you log onto K-State on-line you should see the Women of K-State working groups as one of your groups. The Women of K-State Leadership Committee has completed the survey and ideas for the kick off meetings for each working group. I am in the process of getting two co-leaders for each group. We will schedule two meetings for each working group to meet and discuss the survey and ideas. After that the Leadership Committee will take all the input from the various working groups and pull it together into one report and set of suggestions. We'll use this to create an action plan and start on our strategic planning for the next three to five years. The working groups are listed below. If you are not included in one of these working groups and want to be, please email lisaw@k-state.edu
    • Care Giver
    • Diversity Other than Race
    • Dual Careers
    • Early Careers
    • Full Time Staff Taking Courses
    • GLBT
    • Humanities
    • International
    • Late Career
    • Mid-career
    • Military
    • Non-Greek
    • Non-Traditional Students (Working)
    • Off-Campus Organized
    • On-Campus Organized Housing
    • On-line women students/faculty
    • Retired/Retiring
    • Single
    • Single Mothers
    • Tenure Track
    • Women Mentors
    • Women of Color
    • Women with Disabilities
    • Women's Groups Already at K-State 
  • Website and Facebook Group
    We now have a website for announcements and updates on various Women of K-State events and activities. The website is www.k-state.edu/womenWe also have a Facebook Group where anyone can join and post events or discussion topics. Just search on "Wildcat Women" and join this group. All organizations are encouraged to post activities on the Wildcat Women Facebook Group site. You can post pictures, discussions or your events.
  • Spring Semester Events
    Save the Dates (more details to come - check the February newsletter and website)
    • Feb. 10 - WoKS Women's Basketball Game
    • Feb. 20 - WoKS Indoor Track Meet
    • Mar. 3-4 - Visit of Jill Tietjen (co-sponsored with Women's Studies and other groups on campus)
    • Mar. 7 - WoKS Women's Equestrian Event
    • Mar. 28 - WoKS Women's Tennis
    • Apr. 9 - WoKS McCain Event -- The Ahn Trio http://www.k-state.edu/mccain/series/ahntrio.html
    • May 1 - WoKS Outdoor Track Meet 
  • Monthly Brown Bag Lunch on Women's Issues
    to start in February We're starting a monthly brown bag lunch at the union in February where we will tackle some of the issues that have been brought up related to women on the K-State campus. More details will follow.
  • Fall Semester Events Update - September Networking Meetings
    Over 500 women turned out in two meetings to discuss moving forward with the concept of the Women of K-State
    • October Women of K-State Volleyball night -- Approximately 60-70 folks turned out for volleyball pre-game to tour the locker rooms, meet the Rowing and Golf teams and try out some putting or rowing on the erg. The group cheered on the team to victory.
    • November Women of K-State Basketball night -- Over 90 people turned out for the basketball pre-game with scouting reports from one of the coaches and a tour of the locker room. The group cheered on the team to victory and now holds a record of 2-0 at athletic events :) 
  • Directories of Women's Groups on Campus
    This semester we will begin collecting information about groups on campus that help support women or involve women. These groups will be listed on the Women of K-State website. More information will follow in February's newsletter That's it for now. So check out our website (www.k-state.edu/women), log onto K-State Online and Facebook and start your social networking. Email me if you have ideas or suggestions for other events or activities.

Dr. Noel Schulz
First Lady, Kansas State University
Paslay Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Department of ECE
2077 Rathbone Hall Manhattan, KS 66506-5204
785-532-1188 (fax)