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Women of K-State

Women of K-State
Diana McElwain
Office of the President
Kansas State University
110 Anderson Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506


Additional Events

If you would like to have your event information posted here, please contact Diana McElwain at dedmonds@ksu.edu


Looking for something to do?! Check out K-State's Rugby Schedule! 


This Season's Schedule is as follows:

Feb. 18: K-State V University of Arkansas @ 10am, away
Feb. 18: K-State V John Brown University @2, away
March 4: K-State V UNL @ 1pm, in MHK @ Memorial Stadium
March 11: K-State V Bison (Lawrence Club Team) @TBD,  in MHK @ Memorial Stadium
March 18: K--State V Benedictine College @1pm, in MHK @ Memorial Stadium
March 25: Regionals
April 8-9: Nationals


For additional events hosted by the Office of the President please visit http://www.k-state.edu/landon/