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Women of K-State

About the women of K-State

The initiative coordinates the efforts for the recruitment, retention and advancement of the women of K-State.

The group is represented by a tapestry: The vertical strands represent our different roles on campus such as future students, undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumnae and friends. The horizontal strands relate to the various groups we belong to such as women of color, single, dual career, with children, with aging relatives, sororities, athletes, military, early career, mid-career, late career and so on.

Together the strands make a tapestry -- The Women of K-State.

The strands are not very strong individually, but combined and interwoven to support one another they create a strong network.

Notes from Noel: Women of K-State

The Sept. 18, 2009, blog post from First Lady Noel Schulz describing Women of K-State.

Women of K-State presentation (PDF)

The presentation from the Women of K-State events Sept. 8, 2009.