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Laboratory for Landscape and Conservation Ecology






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Dr. Kimberly A. With   Professor and Lab Director
Laboratory for Landscape and Conservation Ecology (LLACE)
Division of Biology, Kansas State University
  Office:  2 Bushnell Hall
Phone: (785) 532-5040





 LLACE Alumni

  Position in the LLACE   Life after the LLACE

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Dr. Gregory R. Schrott  

2001-2004:  Postdoctoral Research Associate, Kansas State University
(Ph.D., University of California-Los Angeles)
Project:  Extinction Risk for Migratory Songbirds in Dynamic Landscapes (EPA-STAR Wildlife Risk Assessment Program)
Publications Schrott, With & King 2005 (Ecological Applications); Schrott, With & King 2005 (Conservation Biology); With, Schrott & King 2006 (Landscape Ecology)


Research Scientist, Archbold Biological Station, Florida

2004-2006: Visiting Assistant Professor
Biology Department, Western State College, Gunnison, Colorado

Dr. William E. Jensen   2003-2005:  Postdoctoral Research Associate, Kansas State University
(Ph.D., Kansas State University)
Project:  Regional Assessment of Population Viability for Grassland Birds in the Flint Hills (USDA CSREES-NRI Managed Ecosystems Program)
Publications:  Frey, Jensen & With 2008 (Am. Midl. Nat.); With, King & Jensen 2008 (Biological Conservation); Rahmig, Jensen & With 2009 (Conservation Biology); Long, Jensen & With 2009 (Condor)

Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Emporia State University, Kansas

Dr. Peter Skelsey   2009-2012: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Kansas State University
(Ph.D., Wageningen University and Research Center, The Netherlands)
Project:  NSF Ecology of Infectious Disease:  Epidemic Waves, Landscape Heterogeneity, and Spatial Scale
(Co-supervised with Dr. Karen Garrett, Department of Plant Pathology)
PublicationsSkelsey, With & Garrett 2013 (Theoretical Ecology); Skelsey, With & Garrett 2013 (PLoS ONE)


Epidemiological Modeller, Information and Computational Sciences, The James Hutton Institute, Dundee, Scotland, UK

Dr. Luciana Signorelli   2014-2016:  Postdoctoral Research Associate, Kansas State University
(Ph.D., Federal University of Goiás, Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil)
Project:  Landscape-scale effects on pond-breeding anurans of the Brazilian Cerrado
PublicationsSignorelli, Bastos, De Marco Jr. & With 2016 (Landscape Ecology)

Doctoral Students

Page E. Klug  

2005-2009: Ph.D. Biology, Kansas State University
(B.S., Drake University; M.S., University of Nebraska--Omaha)
Dissertation research:  Interactions between grassland birds and their snake predators:  the potential for conservation conflicts in tallgrass prairie
Publications:  Klug, Jackrel & With 2010 (Oecologia); Klug, Wisely & With 2011 (Landscape Ecology); Klug, Fill & With 2011 (Herpetologica)


Research Wildlife Biologist, USDA-APHIS National Wildlife Research Center, North Dakota Field Station

2013-2015: Research Scientist, Invasive Species Science, USGS Fort Collins Science Center, Colorado
2010-2012: Assistant Director, University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center


Masters Students

Christopher M. Frey   2003-2006:  M.S. Biology, Kansas State University
(B.S., Western Washington University)
Thesis research:  Topographic variation in habitat quality and settlement patterns of grassland passerines in the Flint Hills (Published in American Midland Naturalist)
  Ph.D. Program, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Science, University of Nevada-Reno
Corina (Jung) Rahmig   2003-2006:  M.S. Biology, Kansas State University
(B.A., St. Olaf College, Minnesota)
Thesis research:  Variation in the suitability of grassland management regimes for nesting grassland birds in the Flint Hills (Published in Conservation Biology)
  Biology Instructor, Presentation High School, San Jose, California

2006-2007: Teaching Credential Program, Santa Clara University, California

Emilie (Throop) Blevins  

2007-2010: M.S. Biology, Kansas State University
(B.A., Berea College, Kentucky)
Thesis research:  Influence of landscape context on patterns of occupancy, abundance, and gene flow among collared lizards in the Flint Hills of Kansas
Publications:  Blevins & With 2011 (Landscape Ecology); Blevins, Wisely & With 2011 (Landscape Ecology)


Conservation Associate, Endangered Species Program, The Xerces Society, Portland, Oregon

2010-2014:  Science and Planning Assistant, The Nature Conservancy, Portland, Oregon


Visiting Scholars

      Home institution   Position
2000 (Nov-Dec) Dr. Anthony King   Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN (USA)  

Faculty researcher

2005 (Spring) Johan Ahnström   Department of Ecology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden   Ph.D. student
2007 (May-June) Heidi Paltto   Department of Plant and Environmental Science, Gothenburg University, Gothenburg, Sweden   Ph.D. student
2013 (March - August) Luciana Signorelli   Institute of Biological Sciences, Federal University of Goiás, Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil   Ph.D. Sandwich Trainee Program, CAPES (Brazil)



Laboratory for Landscape and Conservation Ecology
2 Bushnell Hall
Division of Biology
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS  66505  USA

Phone:  1-785-532-5040